It is common for teachers to feel blessed with learning from their students while they teach, and I am no exception. 

I have also been blessed with the following testimonials:


I recently attended Victoria Foster Harrison's Encaustic Printmaking two-day workshop. I found the experience exceeded my expectations. Victoria is an intuitive teacher who easily senses the needs of her students. I recommend this workshop to any artist interested in pushing the boundaries of their art. I fell in love with encaustic printmaking, this workshop help me discover the freedom of expression that I have been searching for in my art.


That was such a fun class! Working with wax the way you taught us makes the process so creative and free. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful space!


Loved your class and felt successful and encouraged, which I've never felt before in an art class!!!  This was a gift.

... I forgot to add, "not intimidated", most of all!  



Victoria gave one of the most educational and fun workshops I've taken in years. She is very generous with her information and supplies. Encaustic Printmaking is a form of art that is very freeing and allows your creativity to go beyond your expectation (so much fun). Victoria is the best teacher and so special.