Vic pulling a print 


Encaustic printmaking is a contemporary process with a refreshing approach. Free, fluid, fast and fun, touching the warmed plate with lusciously colored beeswax and manipulating the creamy flowing strokes with tools naturally results in exploration at deep levels. Letting go of “rules and shoulds”, this unique process bubbles up the meditative and intuitive aspects of artists and non-artists alike.


A sheet of lovely absorbent paper is then laid on the wax and by making contact with the pressure of one’s own hand and without a press, the image is embedded into the paper. The direct result of the lifted paper is an original, one-of-a-kind print. The medium lends itself to the abstract but can easily include figures, landscapes, plant and tree forms as well.


Nods go to Dorothy Furlong Gardner, the originator of the Encaustic Monotype process, and also to Paula Roland who expanded on Gardner’s discoveries and created the Encaustic HotboxTM. Unknown to many in the art world, this process is rapidly becoming a beloved art medium. The most common encaustic paintings today are created with melted wax applied with a brush to a firm substrate such as a cradled panel; Victoria works with this type of artwork by combing layers of beeswax, incorporating her encaustic prints, hand-dyed silk and rust impressions.


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