Victoria creates original one-of-a-kind prints on paper with a warm aluminum palette, chunks of pigmented beeswax and luscious Japanese papers. She is a printmaker who thoroughly enjoys the wild ride of the encaustic printmaking process and is a facilitator of joyful experiences through her workshops.



Delighted with the freedom and experimental aspect of the medium, Victoria begins her studio time with meditative gestures on the palette, transforming imagery to calm spaces, mark making, texture and atmospheric landscapes.


She wakes up each morning with fresh ideas about the application of this painterly printmaking process into new encaustic panels mixed with hand dyed silk and rusted impressions, mixed media collage, woven pieces and calligraphically marked paper with India ink and watercolor.


The artist embraces the Japanese wabi-sabi theory of finding the “beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete” – the natural by-product of wrinkles, spots and blobs by working with melted wax are welcomed elements in her work. A collector once described her expressionistic and luminous work by saying “Admiring your artwork is like seeing shapes in the clouds”.


The artist loves making messes in her studio and bravely chooses not to apologize for the jumble. She adores gardening for the color combinations, but mainly just wants to get her hands full of dirt. Her curly hair has a mind of its own and never behaves. Liking riding a red bicycle down a fast hill, she thrives on the wild ride of encaustic printmaking and akin to slowly sipping one of her husband’s fabulous lattes, she also enjoys the peaceful and restful meditative aspect…with a jolt of caffeine.

Victoria creates prints, teaches workshops and is a hostess for sharing the creative process in her studio.